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We at Frasers specialise in providing funds for worldwide overseas purchases. This allows importers to obtain the very best cash discounts available and coupled with the flexible credit terms offered, they can sell the goods prior to repayment to us. Providing flexible financing to smooth and improve cash flow we can help you meet your day to day import orders, improving your working capital to meet financial obligations and fund business growth.


Finance Facility

In our current economic climate it has become common knowledge that banks are becoming stricter on their lending policies to small and medium businesses.

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  • In our current economic climate banks are lending less to small and medium businesses. Our facilities can bridge that gap and boost your working capital.
  • Additional facilities assist cash flow and you benefit from increased profitability.
  • Prompt cash discounts can cover our costs plus we grant you credit terms, 30-60-90-120 days.
  • By using our facilities for your import orders you will have extra working capital to smooth cash flow fluctuations caused by everyday expenses or unexpected financial demands.
  • We provide convenient, simple-to-operate funding.
  • All orders can be facilitated in any tradeable currency.
  • Increased sales funded by an additional source of outside working capital gives a significant increase in return on funds invested.
  • No establishment fees – no annual facility (unlike most banks). All costs payable in arrears. You use as much or as little as it suits you.
  • Allows you to plan ahead, supporting your current business obligations and future growth objectives.
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