Client Testimonials

The following are some comments from our clients reflecting on the service Frasers offers and how we have helped their business grow.

When we began in retail business 50 years ago, it was easier to finance with local sources (banks and credit lines with terms with suppliers) but around 20 years ago, the market changed; and we began to import in order to face the new competition. But when you import, you cannot negotiate terms of payment, you must change the way you pay, also the goods take at least one month before they arrive at our warehouse.

We were approached by Frasers Trade Finance based in the UK who have a program to finance importations and allow terms of payment until 120 days. This arrangement has worked very well for us for many years and Frasers are very much one of our key financing partners and I would recommend their simple, straightforward services. We have developed a good relationship and after 20 years later, this partnership is still strong.

Jean Alart & Ginette BeginNostalgia Imports, Canada

The funding Fraser Group provide, enables the importer to stock up in quiet months, then sell from a full inventory in busy periods.

My company have used this service for 16 years & consider it an essential part of our financial facilities.

DirectorU.K. leading handtool supplier

The Good Aussie Company Pty Ltd & Alutile Australia.  Business being fashion accessories, until just over ten years ago when we added a new totally different product range, Aluminium Composite Panel.

Our import/wholesaler business commenced in 1984. Having gained a large retail chain store operation as a customer, our sales over the next few years increased to the point that we were growing faster than our capitol could provide.  It is true that if one believes that yearly profits will alone support business growth, they may “ grow into bankruptcy”.

What avenues does the business then have to raise capital?  The banks:- They may offer some assistance, but will require security on perhaps everything you and the business owns.

They may appear to be completely on your “ side” but will have limits on what financial support  they will give you in relation to what your assets are.

That was our position many years ago, until we were introduced to Alexander Fraser & Son Ltd.  They offered us a line of credit and assistance with overseas payments, that one could say was like having another office & staff with the assistance given, and the financial worries as previous gone.  Conducting business with Alexander Fraser & Son Ltd, is perhaps the reason we are still operating today.

No fuss, genuine friendship, indeed a very good business partnership awaits you at Alexander Fraser & Son Ltd.

John GilbertThe Good Aussie Company Pty Ltd, Australia